My love for photography started at the very young age, when my Mother gave me my first camera, not knowing then that it would develop into a life long passion. I was then blessed with my first professional camera at the age of 14 and was hired to do my first professional wedding photography at the age of 18. Moving to Miami, Florida at the age of 23 from Brasilia DF Brazil and not knowing many people in the area forced me to go through a transition period, but one of the first things I did when I arrived was purchase a professional camera. I became involved with pictures once again by capturing personal moments with my family and developing life long friendships. Once I had the opportunity to meet and spend time with others I was asked to attend weddings and other events always ensuring that I had my camera with me. Although I was not the official wedding or event photographer my pictures were used by many to share their memories of the special times in their lives with others, thus reintroducing me to the field of professional photography and making my passion for photography grow even more. The addition of Digital photography really excited me and in 2003 I was able to finally purchase my first professional digital camera. Little by little others could see my ability to capture the essence of the moments through the lens of a camera and started referring me to other individuals, which has provided me with the opportunity to take some amazing pictures. My passion for photography continues to grow and each time I am asked to photograph an event it is a blessing and another opportunity to share my talent. I started taking pictures at personal events as well as various other functions hosted by friends or through Church. During the last couple of years I was asked to put together these pictures and start a website where the images could be shared with family and friends and through this process I was able to share my photos with a larger audience. I have been contacted by various individuals to serve as their event photographer and I have also received many accolades from colleagues in the business with regards to my style and my ability to capture the fundamental nature of the special moments through my pictures. Although I believe photography is a gift and a talent, I have also taken courses and continue reading about the subject to ensure that I am the best I can be since I believe you should always give 100% to everything you do. I consider myself to be a professional who has had many years of experience as a signature photographer who enjoys what he does. I have developed a style that looks beyond the obvious and depicts the memorable unrehearsed moments of your lives. My images capture your love story while focusing on the importance of each and every detail and understanding the emotional side of the whole wedding day experience. My approach to wedding photography is a mix between traditional, photojournalism and creative portraiture. It is important to me that you have the wedding of your dreams and I will assist you in making that dream a reality by capturing those moments from behind the lens of a camera. I would be honored if you would choose to share your special day with me and allow me the privilege to capture the memories that will last you a lifetime. Thank you. Fabiano Silva

Fabiano Silva

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Acontece Magazine Photo Shoot

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